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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I Think I Might Have Killed My Dad's Cat

Today's answer comes from Clare.

A Problem:

i think i might have killed my dads cat. about 5 years ago he went on holiday and asked me to look after his cats. one of them, known as gin, was ill and had to be given tablets. one day i returnd from work to find her spread eagle in fron of the patio door, foaming at the mouth and her heart beating very rapidly.. i rang the vet who said bring her in asap, but in my haste i banged her head on the door to the cat box and when we got to the vets she was dead. i feel really guilty about it.. i rang my dad to tell him the bad news and apparently it totally ruined his holiday and he went to his room and cried all day. should i tell him what really happened? or keep quiet.

An Answer:

I'm no vet, so I don't know the cause of your dad's cat's death. But you say she was ill, she was on tablets, and was clearly already in dire straits by the time you reached her.

So it surely seems likely that the illness killed her rather than a light bang on the head, doesn't it? I'm struggling to imagine a way you could administer a fatal blow to a cat by putting it in a pet carrier, and believe me I've had plenty of cat-incarceration experience.

But let's suppose for a minute that you did kill the cat. It was an accident, and it was several years ago. You didn't mean any harm, and your dad already knew the cat was ill. He has been through the grieving process now, and there isn't any point re-opening an old wound for the sake of something that maybe, possibly, probably-didn't happen.

Give yourself a hug and forget about it, you daft thing. You are officially pardoned.

Clare's blog is Boob Pencil.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was struck, reading Clare's response, where you effectively give absolution, that the agony aunt is a modern day equivalent of the confessional. I'm sure this isn't an original idea, but it just came across with such force in your reply. Perhaps you are a closet atheist female catholic priest.

8:36 am  
Blogger Clare said...

Haha, what a great idea!

I shall be giving absolution to anyone who wants it.

Can we replace the Hail Mary with a Hail Clare?

11:59 am  

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